A vision for a Bio-pulsing community:

The most noble form of prevention manifests itself in good health and longevity. This means that any imbalances within the array of the complexity of functions within the human body are being monitored and fixed by self-regulating bio-cybernetic action. Naturally any serious developments are stopped in it's tracks, long before a chronic malaise or weakness, of whatever description, rears it's head. Bio-pulsing can greatly enhance this powerful process in action. As a result, the self regulating biological responses inherent in any living being, whether plant, animal or man, are immediately set in motion to good effect. However, although supportive in any situation, Bio-pulsing does not, and can not claim, to treat life threatening situations per se. On he other hand it is a perfect method to enhance, preserve and maintain vitality, balance and well-being which, ultimately, translates into a sound basis of general health and fitness.

Biological organization of life processes and light

For the more technical minded, here a rather interesting insight from a related area of biological study, biophoton research according to Prof. Fritz Albert Popp. It holds that: "Cellular life is organized by a biologically relevant, but very weak, presence of light in the form of 'bio-photons'. The dregulatiingegree and intensity of coherence (Latin: 'cohaerere = attraction- to-cling-together') in the communication between living cells, meaning it's radiation and transmission of signals [in the form of light quanta], is consistent with a good level of health of the individual cells and it's more complex organ structures. Interferences causing disturbances of this coherent system and it's processes causes imbalances that make for a progressive state of deteriorating health. The main point in question is that basic natural organising aspects [connected to light] are key in comprehending the support and maintenance of these basic processes''

Unconditional support from people to people in time honoured fashion

The new discoveries of Dr. Smit have been made available 'Open Source' for the benefit of a wider audience. This is in accordance with an explicitly stated wish of Dr. Smit as it represents a live long goal of improving the physical, mental and spiritual living conditions of his fellow man.

Dr, Smit's discoveries provide for:

  • a fostering of a culture of natural self-determination and control
  • spiritual growth and development
  • a better coherence and mindfulness within groups of people beyond the stressful realms of never ending competitiveness

A mindset with a stable dynamic that is flexible and resilient at the same time fosters a consciousness that intelligently cares for all aspects in the spheres of our living experience. Only when we are able to responsibly care for and ensure that humanity on the whole can move forward to a fulfilled life do we ensure that it will meet it's cosmic destiny too. This is what is sorely needed during these testing times. Individual or groups of people that actively place the experience of good health at the centre of their own lives are in a position to develop a better general competence and responsibility for their own health and that of their fellow beings. Caring for each other creates respect, primal trust and deep mutual appreciation for our fellow humans and we experience each other as free, sovereign and equally valuable.

The Bio-pulsing experience is a very powerful tool of building these qualities. It is a physical self-help method for health and much more. It is not difficult to learn as the technique can be acquired during an initial course of practical training stretching over two days. Once learned, it is easy to maintain the basic practical method of level 1. The organism will always recognize the signals communicated by the Bio-pulsing method as its own inherent natural support, and translates it into a tailor made set of responses that benefit any individual to maintain fitness and good health. There are no active chemical substances or technical gadgets necessary to stimulate this health balancing process, as the bio-cybernetic structures are always present and will thus readily respond to the gentle Bio-pulsing method applied.

Weekend workshops and training

The training and know-how for safe and affordable implementation is provided world wide by our not-for-profit organization. This means in effect the costs for the training weekend, including the Bio-pulsing pen, are to paid once, but the method plus pen will last for a life time. The participation on the training weekend will be acknowledged by a certificate that is issued to each participant together with their membership of our organization. The membership is by subscription and requires annual renewal.