Micropressure according to Smit means:

  • a perfect symmetry and co-ordination
  • smooth reflexes and increased responsiveness
  • increased fitness levels and perseverance
  • faster recovery rates

Military pentathlon 2016. World champion Markus Weber, won the single discipline of obstacle swimming.

Website Team: www.5kampf.at
Shooting: At a distance of 200 metres, Competitors are tested separately fr precision (10 shots in ten minutes) and rapid-fire (10 shots in one minute) shooting.
Obstacle running: Competitors navigate a 500-meter obstacle course with 20 obstacles.'
Obstacle swimming: Competitors must swim a distance of 50 metres, including four obstacles.
Throwing: Competitors are tested separately for precision and distance throwing. 16 projectiles are thrown at varying distances.'
Cross country running: Competitors undertake an 8 km cross country run.

Wiener Neustadt (Austria) hosted the 63rd World Championship of Military Pentathlon between August 06th – 14th, 2016.
The combination of pentathlon obstacle courses, comprising obstacle swimming, shooting, throwing and running makes this sport a very special challenge for the best army athletes in the world. Thanks to preparation with the Bio-pulsing method, MARKUS WEBER turned out to be in cracking form on the day.
He came first in the single discipline of obstacle swimming and holds the title Champion of the World 2016!


Markus Weber at the start competing for the world title!
After winning the title, he thanked the team member applying the Bio-pulsing method to him.
''Many thanks for the great support today, tomorrow the relay is still to come, hopefully we are in with a good chance for another medal. B.w. Markus''

Many thanks to dear Sabine Barbara Ungerböck for the wonderful preparation and support of Markus Weber - Team Sternvilla Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Physical symmetry, smoothness of reflexes, fitness and endurance were finely tuned with our method on the day of the competition. Contact: Click on the picture or HERE

NORDIC Walking 2014 - 2018
Congratulations to two victorious ladies and members of the association!
Our two NORDIC WALKING world record holders of 2014 made it to EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS in their respective divisions in 2016.

CLAUDIA TRATTNIG became both, the  "Austrian Champion" and "EUROPEAN CHAMPION" in her division on September 4th 2016!
ANNA MARIA JERNEJ, won to become the new EUROPEAN CHAMPION on June 4th 2016 in her division!
We heartily congratulate Claudia and Anna-Maria!

Both ladies regularly prepared with the Bio-pulsing method to fine tune their fitness levels to achieve their outstanding athletic performances.
Comment by Anna Maria Jernej (Facebook) on 12.06.2016'
''Thank you Eduard!
I am, as ever, an enthusiastic user of the Bio-pulsing method, it has become my 'in house pharmacy', energy source and it also helps me to achieve my dream goals. It is simply a miracle, without side effects and to boot it I can apply it to myself. I have great experiences using it as a preventative, fitness tuning tool and also during episodes of acute pain."

Trainer Peter Stern, Anna Maria Jernej, Claudia Trattnig

And as for Olympic Gold:

Mario Matt and therapist Otmar Wallensteiner

2013 - Oldest winner in the history of a skiing World Cup competition (34 y. + 8 months)
2014 – Olympic Gold - Sotchi, Russia
2015 resignation at the peak of his career. Info: Austrian Skiing Association
Support team: Otmar Wallensteiner, Bio-pulsing method, Neuro-Sympathetic Therapy and Microbiomodulation Therapy (only for physicians and therapists)

Girls soccer - two teams U12 and U14 (SV Strassburg / Carinthia)
Both teams were never beaten during the 2014 season - We congratulate the girls for their incredible performance! :-) Team www.sportverein.or.at

Ongoing support and preparation with the Bio-pulsing method, head of Training "MARTINA TATJANA STOLLWITZER"

Handball Men 1. Austrian League in 2014 Ferlach / Carinthia.
Prepared with the Bio-pulsing method it provided the cutting edge to a sensational victory!
We congratulate and thank Astrid Kirschner-Mack and her Team for the wonderful preparation!

Motor sports:
2011: The first use of the Bio-pulsing method for an Austrian team during a competition

International German Motorcycle Endurance Cup

Disciplines: 4 + 6 hours "Overall victory 2011 International German Endurance Cup"
Organizer Bike Promotion (Hobbyport class 4 = over 135 hp displacement free, 1 motorcycle / 3 riders)
Team A TEC - Endurance Austria on DUCATI 1098 RC. The image below shows the three victorious Carinthian 'Oldboys' on their first International outing on the race track. They came, saw and won in the overall score.

The Bio-pulsing method provided the indispensable support tool during their first try as a new team together.

Good reflexes, endurance and perfect symmetry finely tuned with the Bio-pulsing method provided the winning edge in motor sports too!