Evolution of life as an eternally unfolding process

"Quantum physics and cybernetics offers completely new views of the world and it's life for mankind. All and everything in the universe is a great whole, and everything is interconnected by control and feedback circuitry. Thus, our conceptions of matter have shifted into a whole new dimension: God is ALL and Everything, he is the spirit of the Universe and we all form a conscious part of this great whole. Planet earth is a living organism populated by plants, animals, and human beings, that in it's totality can be seen as a community of living cells, so that every minute activity within this organism has its definite role to perform. All living parts act in harmony and resonate with the greater whole ensuring in the living process that this organism flourishes and thrives. Whatever knowledge our ancestors cultivated and passed on to us so we can feel it in our innermost being today is often, not surprisingly, confirmed by the research findings within the different branches of modern science. ''

This can rightfully be called the dawn of a new era!

With kind approval: DI. Peter Kainhofer, Biokybernetic, Vienna

Human life

All foundations of our existence are created by the eternal laws of nature. They are relatively stable, predetermined and everlasting. Hermes, the god of Greek mythology, described a set of 7 fundamental natural laws which have not lost their validity to this day. Life comes first and represents the highest value and ranks above matter. Human life is the visible form of natural vibrations, it is self-goverening and fundamentally free in its will and actions. To nurture and generate lasting well-being for the individual and the human community on the whole, the study and teachings of the laws of nature, are essential pre-requisites to our wholseome progress.


Whether conscious, or not, all effects of human causes are the result of the gift of free will. Depending on individual focus, the path in life may lead to health and well-being or to it's opposite. The choice is ours. If harmful behaviour is generated and experienced, impairments of fundamental functions and natural symmetry may occur. The natural resonance field produces corresponding challenges that are to be resolved by conscious action. Basically all necessary elements are provided to achieve a wished for growth and organic change for a more balanced, harmonious state that will naturally be at ease and in peace with nature.

Automatic responses

The mind-body system operates with precision in fractions of seconds, always adhering to the same flexible set of organic natural laws. The switches and other components of this superior communication system operate fully automatic and autonomous (bio-cybernetic). It works most efficiently in monitoring and regulating the state of health and it's functions every moment of the day, throughout a lifetime. If this system experiences blockages or obstructions due to adverse life style influences for instance, it usually generates malaise, or even illness as part of it's crisis management response circuitry. Such regulatory imbalances often remain unnoticed for a considerable length time, since the system works in a very fluid fashion. This is the reason why it is such a wonderful and noble gift that these challenges can be consciously resolved with the aid of the Bio-pulsing method, long before any state of disease may occur.

Progress and evolutionary development of Dr. Smit's Bio-cybernetic research and Micropressure system

The discreet systems of science as known up to now, whether Chemistry, Biology or Physics etc. are increasingly looking beyond their own boundaries with it's own inherent divisions tightly delineated by their specifically defined terminology. Dr.-Ing. Smit, however, found himself moving across these delineations since his task as an electrical engineer was to find out about and investigate biological changes to elucidate the bigger picture of researching the functional systems within living systems. It required a good amount of tactful skill and intuition to conduct researches into observing the natural laws at work as they were interacting with the higher regulatory centres as they control human function in remedial action. He always observed a tendency of these to move towards re-establishing a healthy balance in our body after it has begun to show symptoms of loss its inner symmetry and balance in its manifold functions. He also discovered that a perfect symbioses of mind, body and soul appears to be at work in an inter-connected process that works simultaneously every second of our lives. The knowledge about the conscious and specific activation of cybernetician control circuitry within our body can be regarded as an evolutionary step in our expanding knowledge base regarding the activation of energetic remedial processes. The natural light stored and released from every parcel of coiled DNA (Prof. F. A. Popp, 'biophotons' etc.) embedded deep in our cells is intricately connected to the regulatory functions within our cells and further afield. Popp and others constate that it is the light quanta that activate the specific DNA programs. This is the port of call that is triggered and activated by gentle and subtle touch with the bio-pulser tool. Thus, in a single operation the triad mind, body and soul is activated simultaneously, which subsequently generates a maximum of self healing in a plethora of ways and functions. It can be regarded as a gift of superior intelligence found in nature, that has actually always been there and is, thanks to Dr,. Smit's unswerving work, freely available to everyone today.

(Research into biophotons according to the German biophysicist Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp)

Enormous potentials slumbering within

Everyone of us is naturally equipped with effective automatisms within the set of self adjusting biocybernetic regulatory circuitry. When prompted with Micropressure according to Smit and it's Bio-pulsing method the hitherto slumbering potentials are used to their full potential and capacity. This offers the user a unique possibility to awaken and activate these potentials to good advantage. The Work and research fellowship 'Biokybernetik nach Smit' / according to Smit in conjunction with it's membership association aims to work for the greater good of the community and passes on a unique practical knowledge to everyone learning the Bio-pulsing method. This is offered in an open source setting regardless of participants' origins, personal proclivities, education or religious orientation. The open source vehicle ensures the preservation of the undiluted essence and benefits of Dr. Smit's scientific achievements and teachings. The promotion of the well-being of people is inclusive of everyone and of paramount importance, overriding any exclusive commercial designs that naturally take a back seat in this endeavour. As such, commercial interests have adhere to and follow certain criteria that primarily ensures that the activity is first and foremost of benefit to the community at large. Profit motives alone have no place in this endeavour. Love, respect and care for everything living, is the sole pathway when engaging with a commercial element of distribution. (see: courses, seminars etc.). Bio-pulsing can, nonetheless, be used in conjunction with other modalities such as acupuncture, or homoeopathy etc., for when practitioners of these modalities want to include this method into their sessions.

Simple + transparent + safe the organic pin code

The stimulation of autonomous natural regulatory potentials with Bio-pulsing is facilitated by ease and simplicity of application. This ensures an optimal starting point for easy learning and sustainable improvements in communication, balance and harmony of internal systems. Although the sequences of application of Bio-pulsing follows the same protocol, the activation of the natural interactions within the regulatory circuitry of an individual often bears very specific results, intimately related to the individual receiving the procedure. This results in a specifically targeted regulatory train or responses, appropriately chosen by the body itself, that regulates dysfunctions it wants to free itself from. By the same token it might touch upon known conditions, however, one does not have to have specific technical knowledge of these, to help someone in potentially distressing or chronic situations. The body will always know how to react with precision. The individual responses remain intimately connected to the person and can, therefore, never be predicted beforehand. The main point is that instant adjustments occur in all three spheres of an individuals existence whilst undergoing Bio-pulsing, that is, mind, body and spirit are harmonizing with the same application.

Any expectations, solely based on symptomatic considerations, must be dispensed with. Here, the newcomers and users often realize what a powerful and benign gift nature has on offers when the Bio-pulsing is enacted. It is a very graceful and powerful experience observing and feeling the self-regulating activity after it is stimulated often with astonishing results. Everything that is required lives within us, communicates internally and externally and is always within our reach for balancing any situations of being 'off colour'.

Thanks to Dr. Smit, sharing his insights, every person is free to receive this profound knowledge. of well thought out and researched practical concepts for internal balance. Whatever has lost it's functional equilibrium, whether mental or physical, will be recovered since it represent two sides of the same coin. Everyone who has acquainted himself with this knowledge and works with it, represents another living link in the open source arena of Dr. Smits ideas and teachings.

The Motto is: For the benefit of our human well-being on all levels of existence.

My valued life

"I value everything natural more than what is man made,
The rural higher than the urban,
The simplicity higher than the pomp,
The deeds higher than the knowledge,
The heart higher than the spirit."

Peter Rosegger (1843 - 1918)
Austrian writer and poet