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Cybernetic Medicine

(natural bio-cybernetic self-regulation and chronic health problems)

It is estimated that functional disorders affect approximately 60% of all patients today. Self-regulating or homoeostatic processes as stimulated by the Bio-pulsing method from Dr. Smit's Micropressure system does not constitute a substitute for conventional bio-medicine. These two modalities simply occupy different spheres toward the same end, that is, good health. Sometimes bio-medicine is making good use of the homoeostatic functions for when antibiotics or painkillers are used to keep certain symptoms down, whilst the body is offered some space to catch up organising it's own complexity. We behold this difference in similar fashion when dealing with physics and chemistry. These discreet specialties of science often complement each other. The interplay of functional regulation and chemical reactions is, without exception, underpinning all natural processes in biology including those of the human body. As they form part of the whole, none of them ever gets into a position of pre-eminence. Their interaction happens on many levels. In the world of science, despite their borrowing of some terms etc. from each other, in it's respective fields of research, and use of technical language these specialties remain apart. Thus, it should be very clear that when applying  Cybernetic micropressure or the Bio-pulsing method it exclusively works on the body's bio-electrical fields via the touch screen of the skin. Specific chemical reactions within the body cannot be claimed to be the targeted . However, energetic regulatory pathways are able to switch on chemical reactions, as for instance a better digestive funtion etc., that subsequently manifests in benign physiological changes (chemical).

The role of scientific medicine vis-a-vis Micropressure according to Smit

Modern biology and medicine does offer us a profound theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the understanding of chemical functions (energy production in cells, protein synthesis etc.) within each organ system and has developed a whole range of medications for it's curative interventions. It also has excelled in a very advanced system of accident and emergency care too. Smit's Micropressure  method is of benefit in the arena of the body's own housekeeping and managerial tasks, whereas conventional bio-medicine is the domain of bio-chemical curative skills. Since the theoretical structures underpinning both are distinct from each other, none can solely cover for the other.

Co-operation of the two systems, however, is the ultimate goal for the benefit and well being of the whole of mankind!

The way therapeutic Cybernetics works

Faults develop into dysfunctions,
next step: Fault detection,
next step: troubleshooting and elimination of functional faults.

This works not unlike the principle of coupled computer systems.

The basic principle of a computer, comprising screen, keyboard and bus network, has been evolved by man from the template of nature herself. This template in nature has, of course, existed and evolved for millions of years. The intelligence inherent within it has developed a supreme self-repair system in all living beings. (humans, animals and trees/plants alike!)

Without the knowledge of cybernetics as defined by Wiener in 1948, a number traditional cultures used it's principles successfully for over 5000 years stimulating the regulatory systems of the body to control it's myriad of functions. Besides the 14 Nadis (channels) and a plethora of points in Ayurvedic medicine, Acupuncture with it's few hundred points distributed across a dozen or so of main channels is one of the best known of these systems today. Paracelsus also talked about three layers of the human body and everything physical manifesting from inner natural force ultimately emanating from god.

Cybernetically speaking , we find very sophisticated highly networked control circuitry within biological systems. The locations and symptoms for cause and effect of imbalances do not, as a rule, share the same physical location. Therefore, the associated reflex area is never affected by, or shows a symptom, but the connected control circuitry of the reflex area remotely affects the functional disturbances and it's symptoms. Disease states are preceded by instabilities in the control circuitry. For example pH changes can highlight lowered bio-electrical skin resistance with it's corresponding pain points and so on. The person so affected may often feel 'off colour', or 'low in energy'.

Pain points are electrically detectable. They indicate unstable control circuitry. Researchers designed portable gadgets such as the battery operated TENS machine (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) as used in hospitals today. These electric units for therapeutic use are in use to stabilize these pain points by electrical stimulation. A good example for a cross-over whereby insights into energetic phenomena in the body are utilized within bio-medical settings. Micropressure and the Bio-pulsing method by Dr. Smit subsequently revealed that superior results can be achieved without resorting to crude electrical stimulation of any kind. The point stimulation on the skin surface touched by the special Bio-pulsing pen has proved more powerful than electrical impulses to trigger off specific harmonizing signals for the bodies' healing.

Because of their easy to apply procedures the Bio-pulsing method and Micropressure have long proved capable of taking their place in wellness settings, competitive sports and medical practice too.

Short history of Dr. Smit's method

Dr.-Ing. Jan Gerhard Smit from Dresden, has been researching the methodology of the cybernetic human information system "Biokybernetische Regelkreise" in a rigorous scientific manner since 1980. It took a number of years until which the research efforts and experience of Dr.-Ing. Smit could be systematically organized to form the basis for biocybernetic diagnostics and therapy. As early as 1984, the Dr. Smit method was recognized by the Academy of Sciences in Berlin. Following on from there, the research findings and system of Dr. Smit were added to the continuous database of the TU Dresden (Technical University). After unification of the two parts, the German Bundestag was asked to recognize Bio-cybernetics as an integral part of the health care system, due to it's efficacy and cost savings. After much deliberation, the Bundestag declared itself incapable of changing the German medical system and it's regulations to include a modality based on energetic principles. Thus, Dr.-Ing. Smit saw no other way than to make his method available to all peopler and released the information 'Open Source' on the Internet. Despite the freely accessible information it does, however, require practical training when learning the method. The techniques that last one a life time are taught within the setting of weekend workshops and seminars. Today, given the genuine instructions and training of the original system has been received, the method can be successfully applied in the most diverse range of conditions. Both, the laymen and medical practitioner alike, can apply this truly complementary method, given they follow the authentic route of instructions as laid down by Dr. Smit as is distributed today by the international association of bio-cybernetics.

''Cybernetic medicine and, with it the Micropressure system, is not just another alternative medicine, since it has proved time and again to be a true haven and last resort for the chronic functionally ill, based on a vast body of scientific evidence and practical experience"

Cybernetic medicine is scientifically reproducible and assumes that the conventional medical system has done all it could in it's power, when clients look to it for help and support.
This, however, pre-supposes that no dangerous infections, or some other urgent surgical procedures may be required instead of applying the method.

Micropressure as a system

When the term Micropressure is used in the German speaking part of the world it is used to describe a combination of medcial therapeutic methods in addition to Dr. Smit's method and exclusively reserved for physicians or other certified health care professionals. For legal reasons the term. In both cases the Micropressure system is viewed and experienced to provide a substantial booster to the bodies' healing systems, which is very useful fro a number of cases with a  medical diagosis. It acts as a simple to apply but profound support to all other known  body functions. It opens access to the information systems of the organism, provides balance, and restores an out of kilter homoeostatic, self-healing system and natrual symmetry. Like acupuncture and Chinese medicine, it proves to be the method of choice for chronic functional illness. The human being consists of several sub-systems (derived from germ-layers) that are interlinked and communicate inter-dependently. In the event of a fault, the entire system always reacts in a disturbed manner, and the body adapts a stance of avoiding the challenge and thus loses its natural symmetry.

Information system

The same information system within, utilized by acupuncture for thousands of years, is being addressed with Bio-pulsing method and Micropressure, the only difference to Dr. Smit's System lies in the fact that the number and type of reflex points in use provides us with a technique for utmost ease of application. The diagnosis as used in acupuncture does not apply here either. For the most part Dr. Smit's approach relies on an Individuals' Symptoms and some palpations of tense areas according to an anatomical understanding of conventional medical diagnostic procedure, reflex zones (Somatography), to name a few. The results are reproducible and are being recorded instantly due to it's positive effects by information feedback. This is entirely based on changes within the electron behaviour of organ system, cells and it's DNA.

No need to label a disease to apply the method

It is a shared feature in biocybernetics and in acupuncture too, that these do not rely on any reductionist classifications based on biomedical names for a disease (i.e. hepatitis, Crohn's disease etc.). Dr. Smit's method simply addresses the energetic state of the entire ensemble of individualr organs as a whole, not unlike a conductor of a philharmonic orchestra, who simultaneously stays in touch with all parts of the 'sound body'. It is not uncommon that long term chronic patients have evolved complicated multiple diagnoses In their patient biography all at once. This is often reflected in numerous specialists working on one person with their respective separate specialties at one and the same time. The Bio-pulsing method and Micropressure address the whole, and thus, makes communication possible between all those often widely separate parts in the body, that have lost some of their functional integrity.

Relaxed structure of the system

It is important to improve and stabilize the structure of the entire system and it's functions. One of the primary tasks is to ensure that the system does not become rigid, so it can flexibly react to disturbances, in a natural state of supple readiness and vitality which ultimately benefits the overall constellation with it's discreet physical structures.

Nerve network, the bodies 'Information highway'

Our network of nerve fibres, cells and ganglia forms one of the bases of this vast system of communication. The cranium alone contains about 350m (420 yards) of installed connections (synapses) between approximately 15 billion brain cells on average. These react very sensitively to stimuli almost at an instant within a hundredth of a second.

Control centre

The control centre is located within the cell nucleus. As it contains the DNA with it's genetic program it forms part of the higher regulatory system. The cells each contain about 540 power units known as mitochondria. These are called the power plants because they generate and provide the fuel to all body functions including that of of the cells. The cell also contains 380000 Ribosomes, tiny "knitting machines" - each of which produces approximately 5000 protein molecules per second! Approximately 1.3 million enzymes work as 'floor managers', which, in turn, communicate and interact with the whole organism, its hormone and electrolyte balance, it's rate of respiration, heartbeat and digestion etc.. "Frederic Vester" F.A, Popp and others established that it is at this level where the bio-photons are found to communicate it's messages deep within the DNA to operate it's biological programs.

Diagnosis and therapy a 'one stop shop'

Enacting the method amplifies the bodies own fault finding mechanisms and the therapeutic healing response happens in a single operation. Any disturbed function within an organ system receives immediate attention and support, and will thus achieve it's balance again. The plethora of individual tiny corrections enacted during the first treatment may leave one notice a much better working of organic functions. This often happens by way of a very relaxed feeling. It may even cause a severe reduction, or even a complete disappearance of pain together with improved mobility of joints and a definite increase in general well-being. This is because the impulses from Bio-pulsing and Micropressure instantly analyse and correct the disturbed self-healing process. It intervenes at the level of the faster acting information and control systems (energetic) which, in turn, control and manifest the complex bio-chemical reactions. Reaction time and it's results per point are activated within 1 second. The clients always appreciate the immediate feeling of pain relief, increased mobility and well-being at the end of the first session. For lasting effects one has to repeat the method on a regular basis and assess lifestyle factors too, so that one identifies and eliminates the causes that have lead to the chronic imbalance and defects that may have resulted in a state of disease. (for example: Physical stress, mental stress, nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise, etc.)

How do regulating circuits work within the organism?

Regulation is one of the basic principles of living systems based on inner communication. The principles involved are not unlike those that apply in technical systems for regulating machinery electronically for instance. Each control function requires an energetic storage capacity, meaning a reserve of power together with information storage and transmission, i.e regulatory intelligence. The human organism only works if it meets certain conditions along these lines. Together with these cybernetic functions all substances necessary for life (i.e nutrition, sunlight/bio-photons) must be supplied to the human body, so it can carry out the necessary chemical processes when it responds to the cybernetic information flow.

Nutritional Deficiencies and muscles

Lack of exercise and the absence of individual substances (micro-nutrients) leads to functional deficiencies, which the organism tries to temporarily compensate for. In the long term, for example, one muscle may end up atrophied and another tense or cramping. As a result a number of changes begin to manifest in the structure of the spinal column, and thus, chronic pain, as well as other accompanying symptoms will appear. Additionally, all living processes in the organism dependent on the free flowing currents of our natural biorhythms. Any areas of tension as described will stop this organic natural flow of vital energy. This, in turn, results in functional blockages.

High complexity

Biological control circuits have a very high complexity and are strongly cross-linked amongst themselves. Pulse, respiration, blood pressure, body temperature, salivary flow, digestion, and the like are all part of this massive system of feedback circuitry. If one thinks of serially networked computer systems, one can get a faint impression of the communication within biological systems.

Example eye

To illustrate this point further, let's for example look at the eye as a solitary system of regulation. To prevent the visual centre from being overloaded or damaged, a set of regulatory functions provides for an optimal, tolerable amount of light intensity to the interior of the eye. This is done by muscles adjusting the opening of the pupil and changing the shape of the lens.

Control system eye

The visual cells of the retina (photoactive sensors) measure the actual respective value of luminance and feeds the information to the pupillary-motor centre (control centre) deep within the brain.

From there the commands go back to the the iris musculature (actuator), whose reaction leads to an increase or decrease of the iris's opening (variable adjustment).

The pupillary mechanism, thus, keeps the light intensity on the interior of the eyeball always more or less constant. (retinal illumination intensity equal to the control variable). This happens (regulatory pathway) independent of the external variations and changes of luminosities.

What is already known, what is new?

Western bio-medicine typically considers health problems as organically based. Because of its local analytical development it has developed an optimum in skills for accident and emergency medicine as well as surgery. This is very much the case for patients suffering with a problem whose diagnoses and monitoring of a disease rests with objective findings based on laboratory results and other methods such as CT-scans and ultrasound imagery. As a rule the medical approach and diagnosis is based on analytical findings, diagnostic machinery and subsequent prescription of pharmaceutical drugs. Humans are merely seen as a statistical quantity when executing it's powerful tools on the basis of it's para-clinical data.The chronically ill patient is often lost for remedial answers since this reductionist approach may more often than not end up causing additional problems. This situation often highlights the fact that a lack of understanding the whole, it comprehensibly fails to address the wholesome needs of such unfortunate individuals. Ivan Illich, the philosopher and critic of this approach foresaw and described the massive increase of chronically ill people in western society in his essays published in The Lancet in 1974. As a result we often hear about vague diagnoses such as "vegetative dysregulation, mental disorders, IBS, and many more often new-fangled terms.

Far Eastern medicine based on the energetic principles of information flow within an interconnected system just like Dr. Smit's method is holistic in nature and practise. They are based on the fact that the whole organism is disturbed when symptoms are present, and consequently, the whole system has to be brought back into balance.

"Every patient is an individual, anecdotal case."

Even George Bernhard Shaw wrote in 1904 in "The doctor's dilemma" "Ultimately, there is no real therapy for all diseases. Stimulate the phagocytes (scavengers in the blood) - drugs are only a deception". Today it is a known fact that any treatment of infectious diseases without the support of the immune system is a relatively hopeless undertaking.

Science Biocybernetics

The scientific foundations of biocybernetic diagnostics and therapy have been developed since 1948 in the laboratories for biocybernetic research that are all headed to this day by physicians and medical researchers. Today cybernetic knowledge of biological systems has evolved to a highly advanced and sophisticated state in it's technical progress and standards.

This too is reflected in a UNESCO program "Man and the Biosphere" and also in a project commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior in 1976, no. 10401004 of the Umweltbundesamt (Office of environmental planning):

"Metropolitan areas in crisis" - A guide to understanding and planning human habitats with the aid of biocybernetics.

Current situation: Biocybernetics reborn in Austria

In 2005 about 1,000 pages of information were made freely available by Dr. Ing. J.G. Smit on the Internet in an 'Open Source' format. Written permission is required from the bio-cybernetics association imbued with curating the scientific work and the stewardship of Dr. Smit's legacy, if the method and material were to be used commercially.

Pioneering work spreading

On August 20, 2012, Eduard Überbacher, was authorized by Dr. Ing. Jan Gerhard Smit to actively continue and disseminate his legacy and practical work. This led to the formation of the association ''Biokybernetik according to Smit". The founding session took place in Villach/Austria and registered on the Dec. 20th, 2012. The method is to be preserved, protected, disseminated and further developed with the help of medical experts. The founder of the association, Eduard Überbacher, was appointed chairman and organizer by the first 12 founding members.

Easy simple self-regulation for everyone, "Biocybernetic-pure"

It is not a stated objective of bio-medical therapies to obtain and sustain a correct balanced body posture. This area is the preserve of the field of 'wellness and health promotion'. Because the applications of the biocybernetic techniques do not cause any health risks or side effects when stimulating the body's regulatory functions, it becomes self-evident and logical to utilize this body-based energetic system to restore natural functions. It amplifies all physical effects for easing and restoring symmetry and balance within the complexity of the human body.

Training program

The association bases it's training and disseminates information solely on the basis of proven knowledge when teaching the techniques. This ensures the proper restoration of functions of the body's regulatory system and structures. Evidence based knowledge forms the inner core of techniques currently taught by our representatives in short workshops and seminars. The association is maintained by it's members and it's stated aim is to actively serve it's purpose of benefiting the community as a whole. (please note: Symptom-based disease patterns are not diagnosed and treated at all and are therefore not the subject of our training program at present)

Medical evidence of efficacy and studies

As a special branch to our activities we are, however, preparing some medical studies in the area of Micropressure and Reflexology. Once concluded successfully, the therapy will be made available to the general public via the medical system (only for persons with professional health status). This has now been in preparation since 20.10.2014.


After an accurate analysis of the electrical behaviour of the reflex points, it was reasoned by Dr.-Ing. Smit that discreet cutaneous nerve points are electrically sensitive and amenable to stimulation. (electropuncture).

The new electrodynamic principle discovered brought forth the development of the "Reflexotron RS 45". This worked with 1 / 20000th of the amount of charge hitherto used in electrodynamic therapy in acupuncture and the likes. Instead of 20 minutes loading time this new instrument worked in a fraction of a second. The decisive difference came in the shape of the electrode which could be attached and activated much closer to the nerve ending.

Progress through simplification

In his researches Dr. Smit established that nerve endpoints react very sensitively to pressure, laser, light and other very subtle stimuli. Thus he developed a special 'electrode' with a very fine tip and rounded end, the 'Bio-pulser pen'. This development rendered any electrical device redundant. Today a protocol has evolved known as Bio-pulsing, Micropressure and reflex medicine that works without electro stimulation. To date this proved the most powerful for therapeutic use.

Further information: Website Dr.Ing. Jan Gerhard Smit and Dr. Dieter Heesch as well as the Institute for Sympathetic Therapy, Hamburg

Disclaimer: The legislator of the respective country makes a clear distinction between preventive methods of health promotion and methods for curing disease. The task of the association is also to ensure clear limits of competence and compliance with all legal requirements. Compliance with the statutory provisions applies to the members of the association and all persons entrusted with the organisation and execution of it's stated tasks. In spite of all information efforts on the courses and in written form, no liability can be assumed for the activities of persons who are not members of the bio-cybernetic association.