History and development of Micropressure according to Smit

Historical beginnings

A severe life-threatening allergy forced Dr.-Ing. Smit to research practical solutions of his own problem after noticing that acupuncture was of some help. In 1980 he began systematically researching the energetic phenomenae at the interface of organic body systems and it's functions in view of the use of bio-electrical impulses. With a sound and thorough grounding in the field of electronics and a passion for research as a specialist technician, Dr. Smit wanted to know how the human body worked bio-electrically and discovered a subtle energetic network within the organic body structures. He discovered that certain aspects of it had already been in use by Chinese medicine with it's traditional technique of acupuncture. However, Dr. Smit wanted to reach a point of practical application without the invasive use of needles. His search led him to discover a gentle, non-invasive, method on the basis of which he developed a completely new system influencing self regulation and homoeostasis. This included a technique that offered the simplest application to activate the human control circuitry (biocybernetics). It is so unique that to this day, it occupies a solitary place of interactions which have only been uncovered in fragments within other research efforts so far. This stands on it's own having broken pristine now ground in the age old search for balancing the funtions of the self regulating systems that manage the health and vitality of the human body.

During his first phase of researching the phenomenon Dr. Smit produced an electrical acupuncture device, which operated on the basis of vastly lower micro voltage currents than any of the current standard devices in use. It brought successful results within the space of a mere second, whilst standard systems require at least 20 minutes to be effective. Even this system enabled doctors of the ex-GDR (East Germany) to help various groups of patients for whom all other proven conventional methods had failed by current standards. These are often patients who, having received everything available to bio-medicine, linger on as chronic patients and suffer with their conditions largely unresolved. It clearly demonstrated the capability and the profound range of effects of this new technology solely employing an energy based approach to physical problems. The basic technique rests entirely on a specific activation of the autonomously working bio-electric, self regulating control circuitry of the human body (bio-cybernetics, homoeostasis).

Shape follows function

If the body looses its inner architectural symmetry, it first and foremost points to one or more electro-physical functional disturbances. The good news is that, it is possible to resolve any disturbing asymmetry by means of stimulating self-regulation, the ramifications of which usually manifest in a wider, all encompassing, context throughout the body. The human organism has an inbuilt ability to regulate itself. Modern man developed computer systems that often resemble functional units of biological structures of which the array of biological function in humans served as a template. In this manner the term cybernetics comes to be used more often when we think of data storage of a cold machine than in it's original guise as a self regulating homoeostatic systems in all of biological life itself. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that man's achievements always lags behind nature in his endeavour to develop ever clever gyzmos and machines. Electro-physical impulses automatically control the always self adjusting and regenerating mechanisms within the inner space of the human body.

Nature has been using mechanisms for billions of years that are still impossible to realize with computer technology today

Electrophysics, because of it's energy based impulses that control the physical nature of biology, has time and again shown to act on a more central plane in biological systems than that of biochemistry. Therefore, it is situated at the front-line of first responses for the activation of the myriad of body functions. Should these instruments not deliver, there is always the chemical avenue to influence functions, as modern medicine is so well in a position to expertly deliver.

Today, it is generally known and causes some frustration amongst doctors, that chronic ailments often represent unresolved malfunctions of the system as a whole. They often end up being unresolved because suitable boo-medical solutions have not been found to date. Thus, Dr. Emit demonstrably broke new ground during his thirty years of active research as he did not rest until the world could be presented with a thoroughly researched system based on well defined scientific evidence to demonstrate the effects of his method.

The Municipal Health Office of Dresden/GDR, in recognizing his service to the community, conferred the very rare certification of "healing practitioner" (Naturheilpraktiker) on Dr. Smit. He even set new standards in the field of veterinary medicine, since legendary successes abounded with his treatment of animals. Previously paralysed dogs could suddenly run again, and many more such anecdotal stories of unexpected semi-miraculous recoveries were recorded across the whole range of animals presented to him from pets to farm animals to racing horses.

After Dr. Smit's passing his research work continues and is presently carried out in collaboration with medical doctors and other health professionals. Dr. Smit had discovered that a non-electric device looking like a pen was the ideal tool to further his research purposes with is bio-pulsing method. This 'Smitter-pen' or bio-pulsor has been adopted as the tool of choice for applying the method. It is made from stainless steel, has a very finely rounded tip (0.3mm), and is easy to handle as it weighs only about half an ounce.

The birth of reflex medicine, Micropressure according to Smit and it's Bio-pulsing method

In Bio-pulsing, the special tip of the Bio-Pulser pen, when held against certain points, effects a gentle stimulation on the skin surface. The specifically mapped out locations often release a mild pain for a short period of time. This is the tell tale sign that an activation of the body-specific regulatory control circuitry is under way. The recipient will also feel instant changes within a wide array of normal body functions such as the quieting of the mind quiets a deeper and more relaxed breathing and sometimes even a gentle trance like state. The application typically requires a 90 minute session to fully stimulate the switches of the bio-electric circuitry deep inside the body. The gentle draining away of the pain sensation to a neutral setting triggers off the self regulating feedback loops within the organism. It is precisely this gentle activation of the most subtle body micro-structures that often results in more fundamental and profound adjustments than any coarse-structured manipulations of physical anatomy or the use of electrical stimulating equipment of any kind.

It is still largely unclear to explain this phenomenon in conventional medical terms, since the attention of bio-medical interest focuses largely on different areas of organ functions and cellular receptors within the bio-chemical spectrum of functions. Micropressure according to Smit and it's electro-physics based Bio-pulsing method is fundamentally different to Chemistry as they operate on different functional planes within the body. However, they are definitely complementary in nature and support each other, since bio-cybernetic and epigenetic principles have revealed that nothing in the body works in isolation. Every part works interconnected and deepest communication from it's smallest parts, with it's multitude of living functions in the cells, it's organelles and DNA bearing nuclei right up the scale to the bigger systems of organs and the body as a whole. Professor F. A. Popp established that there is a light bearing function of bio-photon plasma at innermost core of all structures in the body. Thus, it was established that the double helix within the nucleus of every cell is processing bio-photons as a function of light. We re light bearing beings. Each of these two areas of activation (bio-electricity- hormonal etc.) enact their respective fields of activation, which can not be exchanged for each other. From what has been found it is clear that chemistry alone can not perform any of the electro-physical tasks, but physical adjustments can be done via boo-electrical stimulation of the feed back loops that trigger chemical changes. In other words, a bio-electrical trigger in the body (resting and threshold potentials within nerve cells) always appears before any measurable chemical changes manifest.

As mentioned Dr.-Ing. Smit tirelessly searched high and low to understand the new modality in order to present his method as a safe and sound proposal for the benefit of all humans. His private research and development carried out single handedly over a period of 30 years absorbed lot of time and commitment. Every new discovery shed more light on his unique discovery. His growing understanding opened more and more avenues for integrating the electro- physical phenomenae of biological functions into a structured system that is today known as Micropressure according to Smit method. Despite recognition by he national academy of sciences in Berlin in 1984 and the inclusion of his work in the perpetual data storage library of the Technical University Dresden ( TU Dresden, http://www.qucosa.de/recherche ) it's implementations into the current health system of the Federal Republic of Germany is still awaiting recognition to this day. The German Bundestag (parliament) saw not fit to make 'de-novo' pronouncements on changing the current paradigm of medical reductionist purely pharmaceutical based thinking. A petition to this effect was consequently turned down.

Future of medicine

The newly founded research group Micropressure according to Smit is actively working to open further possibilities and techniques within bio-cybernetic based reflex methods. It's aim is to identify more specific bio-pulsing techniques that can exclusively be offerd to physicians and health-care professionals as it's full potential is still unfolding step by step. Our work has shown that functional imbalances within the body can be more specifically influenced. The beauty of the method lies in the fact that results can be obtained without any of the often serious or dramatic side effects that are often noted with other methods. Physics and chemistry tend work together in perfect harmony within all living organisms, and thus, synergisms that form spontaneously during bio-pulsing sessions offer it's profound effects with lasting benefits to the recipient. It has time and again proven to be a method that triggers functional responses on the basis of natural principles. As a consequence, it directly accesses all the complex house holding tasks and corrects the totality of misalignments in physical functions within a few sessions.

Mankind has now at it's disposal a new approach to enact solutions to many of our modern challenges that, when more extreme, manifest in ailments. This system works without the need to specifically identify these in the well known conventional ways. Thanks to Dr. Smit, it provides us with a unique array of possibilities and at the same time constitutes a perfect complementary tool to conventional medicine to ameliorate any imbalances manifesting in the 'body-mind-spirit' sphere. By the same token it acts as an elegant tool for general fitness, vitality and well being. As many sports stars and Olympic medal winners have repeatedly proven, one does not need to be totally out of balance, or even sick, to reap the benefits of bio-pulsing. Micropressure according to Smit provides a comprehensive linking between the different fields of therapy in a true complementary manner. With this in mind Dr. Smit wished the method to become available to all who want to individually take charge of their own affairs of health and well being.

Academic outlook

Besides developing further projects, the research group is tasked to make this method publicly better known. One avenue is to draw the attention of relevant experts to Smit's Micropressure bio-pulsing techniques and it's unique manifold possibilities. It is thought that at some stage it would be possible to conduct scientific studies (quantitative and qualitative), provided these are designed under clear guidelines consistent with professionally acceptable standards. The research work can then be made available to medical ethics committees in order to establish independent verifications for the specific benefit of patient groups. This is very valuable to a variety of groups of patients who otherwise prove incurable. It can also play a unique role in recovery work whether it be after episodes of strokes or in drug therapy. Thus, research at university level would be useful and welcomed to pursue this more involved path of recognition. Also, appropriate sponsors are always welcome to get involved.

Finally, as to responses, it is often with deepest gratitude and respect for Dr. Smit's unsverving perseverance in his research efforts which is spontaneously felt by many who are individually experiencing the effects and full potentials of the bio-pulsing method of the system known as Micropressure according to Smit. Thus, humanity has been graced with a technique that already offers an astonishing array of benefits with areas of potentials, as yet, still untapped and ready to be discovered.