Micropressure according to Smit: Areas of application

The method:

'Micropressure according to Smit' is a system based on the scientific work of Dr. Jan Gerhard Smit of Dresden, Germany. Dr. Smit began his research in 1980 In co-operation with conventionally trained medical professionals and input from leading theoreticians of cybernetics (F. Vester, N.Wiener, fractal regulating and control technology). This collaborative interface offered a new approach and study of the regulating mechanisms and control functions of the human organism. Dr. Smit meticulously and thoroughly investigated the mechanisms as electrodynamic events in the human body. Some of the prime sources for this research relied on input from far-eastern medicine (Acupuncture) with it's own practical experience, as well as drawing from the diverse range of our modern scientific base of knowledge. Dr. Smit was very much interested in the work of the early pioneer of 'stimulus-response-loops' in biological systems, the medical Nobel Prize laureate "Ivan Petrovitch Pavlov" (1849-1936), who offered key discoveries to Dr. Smit's research.

In one of his most important papers "The Conditional Reflexes", Pavlov described complex holistic feedback loops between the nervous system and the organs of the body. These reflexes Pavlov found to be part of the complex human control system as they simultaneously activate diverse functional levels within the complexity of the whole. This takes place in a naturally co-ordinated fashion. Pavlov's disoveries formed the basis for investigating these connections further, and other workers in the field carried on with it adhering to strict internationally accepted scientific protocols and methodology.

Dr.-Ing. Smit observed and studied multiple connections and biological, reflex based, feedback loops within the human control system. Being an electronic engineer, he also noticed striking similarities between his field and that of the emerging field of cybernetic computer technology. Working from both ends of the spectrum he was able to device this very simple, logical system which works on the basis of stimulating biological control functions ( all based on natural principles) to restore any imbalances within a system out of balance. The beauty is that it worked without any side effects. The human organism is thus empowered to automatically regain it's natural way of keeping it's working functions optimized and stays finely tuned to manage it's own internal balance.

Bio-pulsing 'Open Source' based:

In 2005, following on from realizing the principles of bio-cybernetic philosophy (our life is being gifted to us by 'open source universal principles'), Dr. Smit in similar spirit gave his still evolving system of Micropressure together with it's bio-pulsing method of as a gift to mankind. The rich harvest of his work is now openly accessible to the community at large. Thus, Dr. Smit made his method free to all people, whereas during his own lifetime he suffered massive 'red tape' issues the despotic regime had imposed on his work. Nowadays the usage is free to all who want to employ the bio-pulsing method in ones' own private sphere, sharing with friends and family. Any commercial use is subject to the author's conditions as laid out and defined in 2005. The specific rules and conditions for usage are thus in operation since 2005 (See - Terms of use) TODO

Commercial providers:

The essence of open source includes the idea that providing bio-pulsing in a commercial setting requires the operator to adhere to the highest possible scientific and ethical standards. Commercial service providers and training institutions must meet and abide by the required criteria as laid out in terms and conditions. After enrolment and certification, entitlements are granted according to Dr.-Ing. Smit's will. The concept of 'Micropressure  according to Smit', as well as training others in this method are reserved to instructors who are members of the Bio-cybernetic association. This homepage serves as a common platform for all members and partner organizations. It provides the public with the contact list of bona-fide members and instructors. This website carries the names and locations for our certified members in the section 'Locations and Co-operating Partners'.

Micropressure, simple and pure

Balance of optimal weight, agility, mobility and optimized levels in training and sports performance and many more such feats are now available through the bio-pulsing method: A simple basic system for loosening any restrictions in physical mobility, for optimal balance of weight, as well as strengthening the immune functions and maintaining glowing health is on offer with the bio-pulsing method. Not only does this system benefit people with a whole range of ailments, but it applies to healthy people too, who want to improve their everyday performance levels. And to boot it, this can be enacted in a graceful and very relaxed fashion. This system has proved to be of immense value to athletes who achieved markedly better performance levels when their systems was fine tuned with the bio-pulsing method. From skiing athletes to pentathletes, many sporting stars reported about a much improved and finely tuned co-ordination of reflexes and balance during the competition. They also find that their receovery and regeneration time after an exhausting peak performance happens much quicker than experienced before.

Self-governance and active regulation, 'weighty issues'

Micropressure according to Smit stands for a system that, when applied, has profound regulatory and stimulating effects on specific control systems of the body. Thus, one achieves and maintains a correct physical symmetry, as well as a healthy working balance of the digestive functions and the other major interconnected and interdependent systems. Dietary approaches to weight control, that ignored the human digestive processes and it's bio-cybernetic inter-relatedness often struggle to succeed, where bio-pulsing can bring it to a successful conclusion. With Dr. Smit's system the depressing Jo-Jo effect should not be an issue any longer as has been proven by some of it's users. (An Austrian woman, applying a simple bio-pulsing procedure on a daily basis, lost 14 kg in 4 months; 14kg= 2st 2.87lb)

Active control of food metabolism

With the help of the bio-pulsing method, one can check, monitor and control whether one is truly hungry before each meal. This helps in identifying states of simple habitual hunger pangs, and/ or satisfying a sweet tooth. A pressure point clearly reveals to one whether it is time to eat, or not. The pangs will vanish quickly when applying the method. If one is not eating a glass of water or some fruit / vegetables juices will do. Eventually the 'habit' aspect will disappear. Our experiences clearly show that even 'sweet tooth' habits will vanish in time. One should, however, ensure appropriate amounts of food and drink are being consumed. This, of course, varies from person to person. If too little is eaten or drunk the body switches to emergency programs that indicate dehydration. This starving mode can express itself through unwanted constipation and hard stools. As mentioned, it is good to have appropriate amounts to eat and drink to maintain all natural functions. The method enables one to calibrate the intake to ones' individual needs. One should never entertain feelings of hunger for too long and it is recommended to activate the control circuitry of the digestion with said method before each meal. Overweight, or obese people have been found to consistently shed about 250 g (8.18oz) of excess weight every day. (Source: Dr.-Ing. Smit)

Note: Of course, this is only possible using high-quality food and maintaining a regime including exercises. Also, listen to the recommendations of reliable experts in the field too. Any recommendations that are too drastic should be taken with a big pinch of salt.

Within a short period of time one will feel more flexible and much lighter. Even people who want to gain weight, simply apply the technique twice on a daily basis to reach their ideal weight.

It should also offer an excellent complement to any recovery work for substance abuse. As with acupuncture, it generates fresh energies within a fatigued and worn out system and works just as well, as is described with the example around weight issues.

Private use as well as for health / wellness

Micropressure according to Smit is available to both, the private user as well as as the more professional athletes and wellness facilities. The also makes for a perfect complement in any type of professional health care setting. Although it is true that chronic headaches or allergic dispositions have settled for good when using the bio-pulsing method, the system can never, and will not, claim to treat symptoms of specific diseases. This cannot be stressed enough, since it is based in the enactment of the natural holistic wheelwork that affects simple functional circuitry in a very profound and fundamental way. Ultimately the body decides how to utilise the incoming signals.

Expertise, knowledge and certification

For learning the system 2 day practical seminars have been conceived during which our certified members convey the basic knowledge and practise of the bio-pulsing techniques. This allows every participant ample time and practise to competently learn all the practical techniques of this unique system. Every participant, having completed the full application successfully, will receive a written certificate that is valid for the entire lifetime of the bearer. Commercial users will also be provided with their respective certification. Costs may vary in time. At present the ballpark figure is around £300 for the seminar and workshop excl. catering or accommodation. Membership fees can also be settled within the fee structure of the course.

Detailed information under "Workshop/Seminars" TODO

Area II - Reflex medicine and micropressure

Exclusively designed for medicine and research:

Reflexology and micropressure also provide a specialized avenue to professionals for employing specific curative measures to address diseases too. The foundations to this were also developed by Dr.-Ing. Smit in his practise as a naturopath of the former GDR. The steps and protocols are described in detail in a number of his his various writings.

Medical Pioneer

Dr. med. Dieter Heesch, a physician from the bio-medical field, has also been developing and refining methods within his doctor's medical practice on a similar energetic basis since 1998 (Sympathetic Nervous System Therapy). With simple energetic techniques he successfully demonstrated how to successfully clear cardiac arrhythmias (at rest). Dr. Heesch also pioneered a a large-scale, very successful double blind controlled study entitled study "Post Zoster neuralgia" (shingles and neuralgic pain) in which he presented viable energetic solutions for this painful malady. However, despite it's astonishing results in practical therapy, his work remained by and large ignored in the wider medical community.

Dr. Heesch's therapeutic methods are based on rigorous professional protocols, and thus, exclusively reserved to the certified medical professional or for bona-fide scientific research efforts. The development, use and dissemination of these methods are the exclusive preserve of the author and are not part of the public activities of our organisation.

In order to make a clear distinction from the general 'bio-pulsing method', we want to clearly separate this area and have marked it as 'Micropressure' for future use. Trademark and copyrights to the terms 'Micropressure' and 'Sympathetic therapy' are held by. Dieter Heesch , Hamburg / Dassen.

Private use for health and wellness

Micropressure according to Smit with it's 'bio-pulsing method' is made widely available, both for private use, athletes and wellness facilities. The method is also a perfect complement to any type of health care setting, but as mentioned, does not treat symptomatic ailments or diseases.